5 – How to create menus?

This theme comes with three menu locations. Top menus, Primary menus and Footer menus.

You can create menus in two ways.

  • Appearance=>Customize=>Menus=>Create New Menu
  • Appearance => Menus(We RECOMMENDED this Option for creating menus.)
  • Create New Menu [You need to create three menus in this case]
  • Give name of the menu[For eg. Top Menu] > Create Menu
  • Now add menus from left side. Whether you want your pages to be menu or Categories. You can also add custom URL as menu.
  • Click on Add to  Menu button.
  • Select whether your menus are Primary, Top or Footer.
  • You need to create different menus for Top Menu, Primary Menu and Footer Menu.
  • For Footer menus you need to check Footer Menu in menu setting and Give the name of menu in Menu Name :-